Should College Athletes Be Paid?

Israel Gomez-Ramirez ENG 131 Professor Lucas 12 April 2015 Should College Athletes Be Paid? Introduction Two weeks ago I was waiting on the elevator in New York City to reach the floor I was staying on –the twenty-sixth floor. I was scrolling through Facebook while I waited and saw a video that one of my […]


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Paul Muldoon’s poem “Hedgehog”, is a very simple poem that starts by telling the reader that “The snail moves like a Hovercraft”(1-2) meaning that it can move on any type of surface. Muldoon then introduces the hedgehog, who does not share its secret with anyone, unlike the snail who shares its secret. Hedgehogs are very […]

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Just Write Something Down!

In Anne Lamott’s book Bird by Bird “Shitty First Drafts” is a chapter where she goes on to talk about how most people want to have that perfect first draft. For Lamott, it doesn’t work that way she tells the reader that “the only way I can get anything written at all is to write […]

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Running way from Trump? Why?

Garrison Keillor wrote last month a piece for The Washington Post titled “Think moving abroad will save from Trump? Think again.” Keillor goes directly to the point and talks about how many Americans have expressed their want to move to a different country if Trump is elected as president. After seeing that Donald Trump was […]

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Unit 1

Israel Gomez Ramirez English 131 Professor Lucas February 8, 2015                               Does rooming with a stranger change who you are?         In the blog post by Anna Altman “College Education Should Include Rooming with a Stranger”, the author […]

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Snow Day Summary

Billy Collin’s poem “Snow Day” he starts off by giving the reader a mental image of the streets being covered by a blanket of snow. It gives the reader a sense of relaxation that changes into a bit of a darker tone . He goes on to tell the reader that he listens to the […]

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